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mediation - 09/02/11 08:44 PM

what papers or things do you need to take with you to mediation?
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Re: mediation - 09/19/11 03:59 AM

I don't know for sure 007, but here's a few things that may be relevant: copies of your house mortgage and/or deed, 6 months worth of bank statements, life insurance policies, monthly bills, yours and spouse's paychecks, things like that.
Also, try browsing the internet or go on the webpage of your state on this site; that may help.
Good luck.
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Hello, I am a professional mediator; I can help you with your question.

Papers or things do you need to take with you to mediation are:
You can take help from this to make sure you have everything organised to take with you to mediation.

1. Address: Make sure you know where the mediation centre is and how to get there. You could take a map or instructions on how to get there.

2. Contact no: Make sure you have all the right contact nos. of the mediator.

3. Pen and papers: Take what you need to write notes during the mediation. If you need to ask a question in reply, you can write this down so you don't forget while someone else is talking.

4. Notes and worksheet: Make sure you take the notes you prepared for the mediation.

5. Documents and information: Take documents like court documents, statements, photographs, invoices and payment records. Put all your documents and information in order.

6. Water Bottle: Often the mediator will provide water for all parties, but if they don't you will need to take some with you.