Should we divorce without lawyers???

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Should we divorce without lawyers??? - 09/09/16 04:02 PM

Married 8yrs...together 15. Have 2 little boys. He owns 2 townhomes that we rent out. We both work full time & both kids go to full time daycare. He makes almost tripple what i do. He wants to do the divorce online and as cheap as possible. Just found out he had an affair 2yrs ago and now they're together-- the anger in me wants to get a good lawyer & take him for everything hes got!!!! But im not that kind of a person---- my real question is when you do a divorce yourself does the online stuff help/or give examples/suggestions on how things should be split up?
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Re: Should we divorce without lawyers??? - 09/09/16 08:24 PM

It depends on many factors: the state you live in, when the townhomes were purchased and exactly how those expenses are handled, income levels, proposed custody plan, ability to pay, ect. More details are needed, but know the affair probably has little, if any influence.
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Re: Should we divorce without lawyers??? - 09/10/16 05:15 AM

I'd recommend finding another way to work out your (justifiable) anger. Trying to do it through the divorce process will be expensive and unpleasant for both of you.

If you're mostly agreeable about property division, child & spousal support, custody/parenting, etc. I'd recommend getting an attorney mediator to help with the paperwork and craft your settlement agreement. I think this is the best way to get things done correctly but quickly and cheaply. A mediator will know the laws of your state as well as what's typical.
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Re: Should we divorce without lawyers??? - 01/06/17 11:53 PM

Expenses can really get out of hand in the divorce process with every issue of conflict. I'd suggest reaching an agreement between yourselves as an inexpensive option.
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Re: Should we divorce without lawyers??? - 04/01/17 09:58 PM

Get a lawyer
If you both agree, then get ONE lawyer that works for both of you. Judge is more likely to accept it all.
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Re: Should we divorce without lawyers??? - 07/07/17 09:36 PM

Another option is if the divorce is uncontested you could have a paralegal prepare your documents for you. If you are needing child support, alimony, arrears or other marital property these could be collected via a Qualified Domestic Relations Order by tapping into retirement benefits of spouse. Regular salaried job's retirement may be subject to a QDRO and self-employed retirement may be subject to IRA custodial division. Independent Degreed Paralegal, Notary Public, Member of the National Notary Association with experience in Real Estate Law and Family Law and Property Division. I prepare documents for uncontested divorces in New York State as well as QDROS and have 100% acceptance rate with plan administrators. I am not an attorney, and therefore, cannot give legal advice. However, I can prepare the necessary documents along with the tax advantages/disadvantages and then allow you to decide which route you would like to take. My LinkedIn page can be found here All uncontested divorce documents flat fee $350. All property division documents flat fee $350.
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Re: Should we divorce without lawyers??? - 10/03/17 07:13 AM

You most certainly need a lawyer. If you not the type of person to skin your X, but the lawyer is, that's their job. And you certainly need one. Of course, you could grasp some idea from information on the internet, but if we look at the case objectively, amount of hours you waste on your legal education will hardly exceed 20~30 hours and a lawyer has over 30000 hours of experience during only the education period. So it's common sense to visit a lawyer at any chance you come into contact with legal issues. As for the specific lawyer, I'm strongly recommending this family law attorney family law attorney new york in New York
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Re: Should we divorce without lawyers??? - 02/08/18 09:19 AM

Best Way to have Attorney for this crises, They knows all the laws and it will save your time and money. If you hire a lawyer then you have to spend more time and money. And try to keep away your child's from all this issue, it will impact on them as well.
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Re: Should we divorce without lawyers??? - 02/15/18 11:24 AM

Get a lawyer or atleast once consult with a good one.