I'm finally starting to understand the system. I called the
Kansas state attorney today and requested a paternity test be done to prove that I'm the father. They agreed to do the test and since the state's involved it's cheaper to do so. I did this with out an attorney. I don't have an attorney just yet. The Kansas lawyer also made it clear to me that if proven the father we could agree on a payment for the child support. He claimed payments could be made based on an agreement on what I make and what I could afford to pay. I would also have to pay monies owed to the state for back child support on top of the child support. Since there hasn't been a trial or court hearing wouldn't it be okay to not seek the attorney at this time. The Kansas state attorney also said that if an agreement can't be made, then a trial would have to take place. I don't see a point in hiring an attorney to represent me in Kansas since I'm in Florida and if an agreement can be made. I know the mother has assumed me 100% responsible for providing for the child support and health insurance. How can this be fair and will the court allow it to be? I'm so new at all these legal terms and I'm still learning the system. I try not to ask the same questions but, I need help. What would you guys do if you were in this sitchuation???