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#1019 - 07/27/04 06:38 AM child support order
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Tonight, I received a subpoena concerning child support for a 7 year old child. I was told by the mother (under oath, in court), that the child was not mine. Furthermore, that child has since been adopted by another man. Now, not only is the State of Wisc. asking for child support, they want me to pay for the proceedings.

My concerns are:
The paternity of the child has never been established. Who would have to pay for the DNA testing?
If, in fact, I am the biological father, could a child support order be entered, as I am not the legal father, and I have been denied any sort of father's rights for the last 7 years?
If the child is mine, she was conceived in Freeport, IL and I now live in Loves Park, IL. Why do I have to go to Lafayette county in WI,where the mother is, to deal with this? That is almost 90 miles. How do I get a change of venue?
How much would this cost me to fight, roughly?


#1020 - 07/27/04 10:41 AM If the child was in fact adopted... [Re: MrBill]
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You're no longer the father...period. That's the only argument you need use with them. You are not the legal father, no matter re: paternity. The court won't recognize you as the father.
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