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#10242 - 03/09/05 04:22 PM placement vs fair support
Bob_O Offline
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I'm wondering how they can figure the support I pay is fair when they won't take into account how much time my son spends with me.
He is with me basically every other week. In more detail the week (Mon thru Sun) he is with me he's there from 3pm (after school) till 10:15pm, at which time I take him back to his mothers so he can go to bed. The week he is with me he also spends Fri, Sat and Sun when I take him back to his mothers at 5pm on Sun. So as you see he is with me alot of awake hours. I also should mention that I have to travel 100 miles each day/night in order to do this. The child support agency in its infinite wisdom chooses to give me credit for having him only every other weekend. How can this be deemed fair???

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#10243 - 03/09/05 09:12 PM Re: placement vs fair support [Re: Bob_O]
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What it sounds like you need to start doing is documenting everything. They don't just count awake hours, but asleep hours too. After you get everything documented (dates and times of visits) for a few weeks, figure up the average percentage of time you have your child. This can then be used to file for a modification of support. At least I believe this is how it works. Actually need to do it myself. Good luck.

#10244 - 05/24/05 04:50 PM Re: placement vs fair support [Re: Bob_O]
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Bob, fairness and logic aren't words used to express the divorce industry, it is a cash cow for all those involved except of course the NCP. I think the last poster gave you some good advise concerning documenting things but it has been my experience that rulings from judges don't always make sense or fair.
Best Regards

#10245 - 05/26/05 04:45 AM Re: placement vs fair support [Re: cashcow]
Pike123 Offline
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Diane explained Wisconsin law correctly.

May I ask what county you are in, as I was previously a WI child support employee and know the fair/unfair counties well?

#10246 - 01/25/07 06:29 PM Re: placement vs fair support [Re: Pike123]
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could you tell me how fair Sawyer county is?


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