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#104741 - 04/29/06 06:00 AM ALIMONY vs RETIREMENT vs NEW JOB
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1) Ex gets Alimony until death, new marriage, or if ordered by court; 2) she didn't work during marriage, but divorce papers clearly declare a "Gavron Warning" to both parties to obtain work and maintain income; 3) I do not know if EX has obtained work since divorce but hear she may have done so; 4) she's been getting Alimony now for about 3 years when divorce was final; 5) my retirement plan from government job of 30 years was split as mandated by court papers; 6) I am 55 and eligible to draw retirement now; 7) EX will receive her half when I retire, a figure that will be double that of the alimony amount; 8) I want to draw the retirement now and undertake a new job at approximately the same money; 9) My new income will be the sum of my retirement I receive plus the new job income .

1) What will happen to EX's alimony when she receives the retirement funds?; 2) Can I stop paying the alimony since the retirement funds will meet or exceed the alimony? 3) Since a Gavron Warning was stipulated, can this play any role at this point?

I want to take on this new job opportunity, but need to understand the financial impact this will have concerning the EX. Please advise. NOTE: This is in California

#104742 - 05/08/06 03:03 PM Re: ALIMONY vs RETIREMENT vs NEW JOB [Re: mlcell]
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It really sounds like you will need a lawyer on this one. It would make sense that if you are splitting your retirement 50/50 and that is your only income that you would not have to additionally pay SS from your 50%. But you will have to go back to court to get that changed.


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