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#109859 - 05/19/06 01:23 AM indiana inherited house 1 mo b4 filing
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I am in mom died 10/1/04 of cancer.I stayed with her from 9/12/04 & have never gone back home.She left me her house.I filed 11/4/04.I am on 3rd atty,divorce was final dec 05.We bifercated (will have settlement later).Final is set for may 24th.My atty urges me that we mediate & avoid trial.I have mediation appt set for mon,may 22.Ex is being a jerk.We were married in 1986.10 yrs into the marriage i found out nothing was in my name.It was in his moms name.She lives next door & is the mother in law from hell.We have 3 kids.Oldest is 19 & she has nothing to do w/me since last sept.Who knows why.She stays w/ex & they are 3 miles from me.I have the 2 boys,14& 11.We share custody,yet he never really does anything w/them.He had always been self employed until I left.Then he got 2 jobs & quit them 6 weeks into them.Has 4 yr college ed.& is now working at his buddies bike shop,saying he gets $7/hr,& is only giving me $75/week for the 2 boys.Daughter is in college,supposedly,& works at local hospital.I shouldnt have to pay for any of that,since she wrote me out of her life.
Ex wanted me to quit my job back in 1986 so he could "take care of me".Oh brother!In march 03,we took a home equity loan for 99,000 to build an addition onto an existing addition we did after we married.Before I filed,my 1st atty,advised me to take $ from loan as long as I kept receipts.So i did.I took a total of $25,000,& me & the boys lived on it here at moms( my inherited house)Then back in aug 05 I took another $15,000(after filing) & had to give back what was left ($7,000).Bottom line,marital house appraised at$130,000 last summer,before he had new addition framed,or roofed.It is 18 x 70.This house appraised before we knew mom was dying sept 04 at $263,800.Indiana is an "equitable state",BUT....being a stay home mom since 1986,no high school diploma,starting over,what are the chances of him actually getting any part of my inherited house?What are chances of judge making me pay any of marital equity loan back from this house to him?What are the chances judge will combine marital & inherited house & split it?God,this has been a literal nightmare for me.I filed,yet this whole thing has done nothing but bite me in the [email protected]@.He smells like the rose,as usual.Any input out there to help reassure me ,or is my inheritence doomed to divorce?
Thanks for your time.
Kathie in Porter county Indiana

#109860 - 06/28/06 03:56 AM Re: indiana inherited house 1 mo b4 filing [Re: DESPERATE2DIVORC]
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And why do you suddenly feel he is obligated to you, but you are not obligated to your own child in college?

I believe you need to re-evaluate your thinking. The ex may not have treated you right, but it appears you are doing the same to your own child and, in my opinion, that's far worse.


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