we have been in the process of getting a divorce for over a year now in GA, he has not supplied any of the interigatories or discoveries my attorney has requested.. he has pulled a lot of things to keep us from going before the judge... he has blown off the scheduled depostition.. the judge finally said no more from him.. gave 60 day deadline for him/ his attorney to submit... how he is threatening bankruptcy.

There was ZERO debt when we seperated - property all paid in full - no mtg's or anything else.

My question is, if he files for bankruptcy - can / will it affect my creidt? Will I have to file? Can he file while we are in the middle of the divorce?

My attorney said it sounds like a blackmail/threat - and she is taking it up with his attorney - but I just want to know if it can/will affect my credit in any way.

She also said I should check with a bakruptcy attorney - but I am about out of $$ - we are asking for him to pay my attorney fees as well as he has drug this out with careful manipulation, and he is now being backed into a corner.

Thanks for any help to my question.