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#114409 - 06/09/06 01:55 AM Ex-Husband Wants Parenting Plan To Change
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I was served papers in February of this year from my ex-husbands attorney where he wants to be the primary custodian of our son. His reasons are as follows: My fiance is on parole as a violent offender and his parole is over next September. He also feels that he can parent our son much better and provide for him better than I can. After meeting with the GAL and my sons therapists we felt good about our side of the case as we were told there was nothing to worry about as there would have to be extenuating circumstances in order for a Parenting Plan already in place to change that drastically. Now the GAL and therapists are against us when in the beginning they were supporting us. The GAL put my fiance in the same catagory as a child molestor. We have found that this runs in the catagory as "defamation of character" of which we intend to fight. We now have to put together a case summary for our "settlement conference". If there is anyone out there that has done one of these types of summaries it would be of great help to us if you could guide us in how to put it together. I have done motions and such but have never done a case summary nor have I ever been asked to do one. Thanks.
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#114410 - 08/24/07 05:36 PM Re: Ex-Husband Wants Parenting Plan To Change [Re: LegalBeagle]
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What county in MT are you in?


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