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#11459 - 04/03/05 05:28 PM in need of help
Texas_Tankerman Offline
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We never did get married , BUT we did have one child together that i raised till about the age of 3. Thats when she left to Indy with my girl then refused to let me know where they are at or even let me see or talk to my baby. Now, 4-6 years later, she has been letting me Talk to my baby girl but still make up excuses to why I cannot come see her. On top of that she now has the Attorney General on me now for Child Support. I have no problem paying the child support, the problem is, I want to see my girl and even spend time with her in my home here in Texas. How can I do this (Cheaply). Any help is needed very much. Thanks

#11460 - 04/08/05 04:54 AM Re: in need of help [Re: Texas_Tankerman]
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Hi texas, i hate to be the one to tell you that Indiana is not the easiest state to fight in, but it is the worst. But From what I know if you still have your legal rights to your child you should be able to see her. And if they want you to pay child support, that gives you even more of a leg to stand on to see the child. Its not cheep if you dont get a lawyer that has the 'balls' to fight you wont get anywhere in Indiana. Do your research there are alot of attorneys in the indianapolis area. Good Luck to you.

#11461 - 06/05/05 01:04 PM Re: Indiana a pain... [Re: Texas_Tankerman]
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Indiana is a pain.....but not so bad. They have improved over the 8 years I have lived here. You will reatin your rights....and child support has nothing to do with parenting time (visistation). If you go to you can get some great ifo on child support laws, parenting time rules, etc.

#11462 - 06/15/05 10:06 PM Re: Indiana a pain... [Re: Mouse5]
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I agree. You can still obtain your visitation but you really need to go to and download a copy of the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines for your reference. To be honest, parenting time would need to be phased in since you reside in Texas.

Can this be done cheaply? Uh, probably not. It sounds as if not. You make it sound like the mother is unflexible to you getting to see your child period. Is that correct? Or is she just objecting to the child going to Texas? But, cost should be the least of your worries (I know, easier said than done).

Where do your relatives reside? Indiana or Texas?

With that being said, continue to pay support and provide for your daughter. Continue to call and correspond with her. Do the both of you have a computer system with internet access? Then maybe you could do video messaging to stay connected.

Is there any current orders for visitation? What are they?
I know if she only went through Child support bureau then (at least in my town's county) orders a quick "liberal visitation" type thing for paternity.

Also, FYI, I am a mom with a paternity case. I want you to know that Indiana does have two for divorced situations and one for paternity. Paternity is still old-fashioned however, the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines apply to either situation. That is where I recommend you start. Read those, get to memorize those. Also on the state's website you can download forms to fill out to modify visitation.
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#11463 - 05/02/06 11:13 PM Re: Indiana a pain... [Re: tsl]
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I did a violation of visitaion myself. You would have to file a 'Violation of Visitation' Petition. You can go to the Law Library at the City County Building in Indianapolis(not sure where you're at in IN). You will then take the law book to find the 'Violation of Visitaion' Petition. It also give the instructions on how to file. You will need to make copies(from that law book). You will need 3 copies(1 to file, 1 for you, and 1 for her). But, you will have to file ALL of the copies along with 2 envelopes(1 with her address and 1 with your address). They will give a hearing date and send it to eahc of you. I can't remember which room to file it in, but, you can call and get more information on it. O, there is a 'Notice to Appear and Notice of Hearing' that you have to copy as well. The # I have on this form is 317-327-4012. Call it for further directions and help. Good Luck!!

#11464 - 03/27/08 04:05 AM Re: Indiana a pain... [Re: Nakia2]
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Why is Indiana a pain? We are getting ready to have to go through Indiana court... in regard to having child support ending, and moving on to college expenses... are we going to have a big battle? UGH!

We need a lawyer, and not sure how to go about this since we are 10 hours away... any suggestions on how to "shop" long distance?


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