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#114970 - 06/11/06 09:53 AM divorce without really being married?
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my husband and i are both on our second marriage. we just moved to arizona in february and are looking to disolve our marriage. my first marriage was dissolved and finalized in california, and my husband's first marriage only went thru separation in california and the final steps of divorce were never finished. Does this mean we are not married? If we are not married how do I 'divorced' and my maiden name back? I'm so confused!

Please help!

#114971 - 06/11/06 05:56 PM Re: divorce without really being married? [Re: bettyblue]
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If he was never divorced, then ya'll were not legally married and so you don't need to get a divorce. But I would check with the California courts to be on the safe might have gone through a "default".

Af for what to do about going back to your former name if you're not married...I honestly don't know what to suggest since you will need some kind of documents...consult an attorney.
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#114972 - 06/16/06 04:34 PM Re: divorce without really being married? [Re: bettyblue]
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If you were never actually married then you can just change your name back. It's pretty simple. Any adult can change their name to whatever they want. You could be Julia Roberts by this time next month. You just need to call you county clerk. Get the paperwork to file a motion before the judge to change your name (back to you maiden or to whatever you want). Then you will have to pay the filing fee and they will check your criminal history to make sure your not trying to change your name to get away with murder and viola!!! You should be your old self again.


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