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#114 - 06/07/04 06:13 PM no custody established
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My step-son went to visit his mother a couple of weeks ago and his mother called to tell us that he had decided to live with her. My husband said to bring him back on Monday, as scheduled, and we would sit down and talk about it. Once everyone was together and my step-son was told that he could make the decision he decided that he wanted to stay with us for the month of June and go to summer school and then decide after that. Everyone agreed that it was fine so the matter was to be put off until the beginning of July.

Last Wednesday she came to pick her son up to take him to dinner and never returned. She will not return any of our calls and she has yet to bring him back.

My husband and this woman were never married, therefore, no custody papers were drawn up. She did call Sunday while we were out and said that she had full custody with no visitation and that we needed to remember that. When her son was just one she left for Virginia without telling his father and apparently she filed for custody. My husband says he was never served with any papers and when he has asked her for a copy of them before she can never find them.

The police told my husband at one time that even if she had custody papers that it wouldn't do her much good because Missouri does not have to uphold Virginia law. I was wondering if this was true and if anyone has any advice on how to get our little guy back. He has lived with us since he was three (he is now seven) and I honestly don't believe that her house is a stable environment for him. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.

#115 - 06/09/04 04:43 PM Re: no custody established [Re: STLeonard]
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YOu have had defacto custody for four years? I would file for emergency temp custody with the courts YESTERDAY and go get him back. Then, get a lawyer and have papers drawn up immediately. At a minimum, call a lawyer and find out your rights pronto!
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