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#119610 - 06/28/06 09:28 PM pension question
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I have a boyfriend whose wife kicked him out after 4 years of marriage. They have not lived together since 2001. Technically they have been married for almost 9 years. They did not go through the court system for legal seperation either. Now my boyfriend wants a divorce. What type of rights does his wife have concerning his pension in Georgia. How much of his pension is she entitled too? Is there any way he can stop her from getting any of his pension?

#119611 - 06/29/06 03:41 AM Re: pension question [Re: lsparks]
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No- he can't prevent her from getting a share of his pension. How much will depend on your particular state laws and if it allows for arguments of equitable division which would allow him to argue that any proceeds accruing after the parties separated were acquired based on his efforts solely and, therefore, should be awarded to him.

#119612 - 06/29/06 06:56 PM Re: pension question [Re: Maury]
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Thanks for the info I really appreicate it.

#119613 - 07/15/06 04:17 PM pension question [Re: lsparks]
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I am sorry if I did this wrong, I don't use chatrooms or forums so I am clueless on the procedure.
My boyfriend and his ex have lived apart since 1991,but there is no legal separation. The children from the marriage are way past child support age (which he willingly set up as soon as he moved out)and of course has now ended.
He bought a house in 2000 that we currently live in that he will be paying the mortgage for until he is in his 80's, he doesn't see himself being able to retire anytime soon, Is his ex entitled to any of the pension from 1991 until present? He had his employer do a printout of the pensions value year by year, and the amount was trivial, if it is based on the actual time they lived together. He wants to forfeit all rights to their marital home in lieu of her seeking any of his pension. We are in New Jersey

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#119614 - 07/15/06 05:21 PM Re: pension question [Re: PL2859]
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Maury's advise is also applicable in your SO's situation.

Plus your SO has the marital home to "bargin" with.
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