We have been fighting for my husbands son since the divorce began over a yr ago on the grounds that we raised him BM gained physical (we have joint) on the basis that we weren't married, the child is 6 and continued to lose weight under her care we contacted CPS and the courts and were met with the attitude that the mother is the best place for him. We have visitation for this month so we took him to a pediatrician as he would vomit after eating anything. He has been diagnosed with Failure to Thrive as he below the 5th percentile for weight and has gained only one pound and 2 ounces in her care he is 45 inches tall and 36.8 pounds, we filed for an order of protection in AZ and DCFS in ILL will be talking to him again tomorrow about his allegations of BM BF touching him. The judge in Yavapai county has been resistant to changing physical custody, besides filing and attaching the dr.s records and DCFS reports what can we do to ensure we keep him and not return him to be starved anymore.(yes it is non organic FTT and he is under medical direction and weekly weigh ins with his pediatrician here)