My husband and I seperated in late november due to some personal problems..I came to NC to be with my kids and grandkids.I havehowever made 4-5 trips back xince the because his dad has been extremely ill and passed away on march 22nd, so i didn't push about anything fot awhile. Well the hearing was to today and I had filed answer along with some things that i was requesting. I asked for 1/2 of the 200 tax refund(that he has already spent)before i did the taxes he told ne we would split i ended up with $713.00 out of $2713.00. IHe hasd also told me in January that he would get me a vehicle because i have none, during the hearing he sadi he offered to help me, anyweay said no to that.anywaay,sine the contested issues werenot solved they are setting another date, but that are sending(gave him one there) and we have to list all of our asseets, liabilities etc. He has since we seperated boght a new 2005 Harley Davidon motorcycle and paid $2000 cash dozen(this was before he got tax refund) He had a 2003 Chevy Truck when i left and 3 weeks ago it was stolen. Which left hoim the truck i actually asked for and of course his new m/c Will I be held responsible for these dets and I would like to have opinions on what i should do with papers and whatyou all seem to think I will end up with and or having to do, thank you mawmawx3