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#125500 - 07/25/06 04:34 AM Re: adultery in tennessee [Re: terrybear]
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Have that paternity test done as soon as that baby is born. ( or sooner if she consents) Make it VERY clear to the hospital that you refuse to allow your name on the birth cert. until the results are received. At least in the state of Indiana, I don't believe you can get a divorced finalized until paternity has been determined. If this is her boyfriends child then I'm sure she will be just as eager to get this done as you are. Forget about what it says on your court documents. Do you think her and her boyfriend are going to care what it says? Will it really matter to you after you move on and find someone else? Come on pal! Be glad just to be rid of her!!

#125501 - 08/06/06 09:17 PM Re: adultery in tennessee [Re: das555]
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I'm in the process of divorce. My wife and I had already signed papers when I decided to have a paternity test for our 2 yeard old daughter. The test proved I'm not the father and she now admits to having cheated on me (once). I plan on doing everything I can regarding this, I'm suing her, the real father (when I find out, she won't tell me who it is) for everything I can. She claims she paid for everything for the child, yes she did, her whole income went somewhere because I paid every cent of the rent, cable, utilities, phone, car insurance, and medical bills.

I've been looking into criminal charges as well. I've found many sources that said it is still a crime, in fact a felony in five states (yaay! mine's one of them), although many sources did say it was rarely used.

On top of all this, the tramp gave me an std, I'll be suing for pain, suffering, and humiliation for that as well. F.Y.I., thankfully, it was treatable and completely curable. But the fact that I had to go to a doctor and say "Hey doc, I got a problem" and whip it out for him, all because my sweet little wife that everyone said would never do such a thing, couldn't keep her legs closed.

On this site there is a map I found that shows what states have what laws.

Here are the sources I believe from reading it:

A Guide to America's Sex Laws (University of Chicago Press, 1996). I reviewed the status of the adultery laws identified by Posner and Silbaugh via on-line state codes on September 27, 2005.

I found many different sources that said it is still technically a crime in many areas, including my state specifically, but almost every mention was also accompanied by something close to the affect of "rarely enforced".

I did find an instance where someone was charged and sentenced for it as recently as 1992. He was also charged and convicted of other sexual charges, but he was in fact found guilty of adultery according to what I read.

Cheated on, brought home an std, lied to husband for two years... If that's not a case that should be prosecuted, then I don't think they'll do it.

Anyone have any thoughts on other options for me?

Suing her for stress humiliation because of her cheating, me getting an std from her, loving a kid I thought was mine for two years now, plus the 9 months leading up to the birth thinking it was mine... My family is crushed. I have a 12 year old daughter from a previous relationship that I have custody of who I have to tell that that isn't her sister that she loves so much.

Thoughts, opinions, ... ? (Other than "pick your women a little more careful)

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