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#126522 - 07/20/06 05:55 PM New to this
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Hi Everyone,
I have been married for 11 years. On June 3rd, my husband asked for a divorce.
I met with an attorney who said I am not entitled to anything as our salaries are similar (husband makes 40k with potential overtime of additional 50k. I worked retail with a 40k salary.)
This is a second marriage for both of joint debt or assets.
I was going to go back to the attny as I am starting a new job with a base salary of 25k plus commissions to try to get at least SS or my husbands retirement but decided to just leave it alone.
My husband gave me the divorce (Joint Petition) papers yesterday (July 18)which I was going to sign until I found out that he already has a I'm angry and wanting anything I can get!
Can anyone tell me what that might be?
Thanks for any advice.

#126523 - 07/21/06 11:06 AM Re: New to this [Re: BarbaraW]
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You will not get alimony cause you work and you are not a displaced homemaker or stay at home mother. It is unusual for an attorney to say you won't get anything or most claim you will get everything and drain you or your money and slowly you find out you aren't getting anything but large atty fees.

How come there are no assets when you both made good salaries. No bank accounts? Property?

Do a bit of checking and see what has been hidden as that's too much money not to have some assets somewhere. Any assets would yield you a portion. If he has been putting large amount into a retirement than you may very likely be entitle to part of it or he might have to cash it in and give you some. Do your homework and check things out. You might have yo get an atty to aupoena his finacial records and let him explain where his money went.

Why changed jobs making half the money you currently make? It will not help you.

As for SS, when you retire, you will have the choice of collecting on yours or his.

Your figures or this post and under gen'l divorce don't agree. On that you said he is capable of making 90,ooo cause he did 8-9 years ago but more recently 120,000.00 here you say 50,000. You need to get your facts straight.
It is the amoumt reported to the IRS not base pay etc.

The best revenge is to go on with your life, enjoy it and not look back. No kids--you can live fine on 40,000 a year with no bills.

If he already has a girlfriend, you can hang on and not sign but he will get the divorce with or without your consent. It is possible that you can get him to agree to give you something but sounds like his assts are hidden but they are there.

#126524 - 07/21/06 11:24 PM Re: New to this [Re: needy]
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I know the figures seem confusing.
My husband was police officer for ten years, worked a lot of over time and made 90k+/- with OT. We moved to PA 8 years ago where he made 120k/year. He has returned to police work as a Sgt, base salary 40k, overtime up to an additional 50k.
Didn't take the new job for financial gain during the divorce, there is potential (years from now) to make a decent living. Working in retail will not provide me with as much income. I am 45 and have nothing in retirement etc...I have to make up for lost time.

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