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#128952 - 07/31/06 02:21 AM Parenting Time Guidelines Question
nurseratchet Offline
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My ex and I have a disagreement about the guidelines and I am wondering if anyone else has come across this issue. The guidelines state that each parent will have half the summer. My ex says that during the first two weeks of the summer time that the other parent does not have visitation rights. It's only after the first two weeks not during them. Also my ex says that the parent that has the child is not allowed to work while the child is with them during their summer I nuts? This just doesn't make sense. Comments please. Thanks

#128953 - 10/31/06 03:18 AM Re: Parenting Time Guidelines Question [Re: nurseratchet]
Errancy Offline
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I do not believe he is right. If the parent that has the child has them over a 2 week time frame, then the other parent gets the right to exercise the visitation (one day a week and every other weekend). The parent is allowed to work. The court system knows that the parent has to work to make a living.

#128954 - 12/09/06 02:45 PM Re: Parenting Time Guidelines Question [Re: Errancy]
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Also with the summer break you don't have to have it in two week intervals. You can split the summer weekly or into two large chuncks. Here is what Indiana's parenting time guidelines read...

"3. Extended Parenting Time (Child 5 and older)
One-half of the summer vacation. The time may be either consecutive or split into two (2) segments. The noncustodial parent shall give notice to the custodial parent of the selection by April 1 of each year. If such notice is not given, the custodial parent shall make the selection.

If a child attends year-round school, the periodic breaks should be divided equally between the parents.

If a child attends summer school, the parent exercising parenting time shall be responsible for the childís transportation to and attendance at school.

During any extended summer period of more than two (2) consecutive weeks with the non-custodial parent, the custodial parent shall have the benefit of the regular parenting time schedule set forth above, unless impracticable because of distance created by out of town vacations.

Similarly, during the summer period when the children are with the custodial parent for more than two (2) consecutive weeks, the non-custodial parentís regular parenting time continues, unless impracticable because of distance created by out of town vacations.

Notice of an employerís restrictions on the vacation time of either parent shall be delivered to the other parent as soon as that information is available. In scheduling parenting time the employer imposed restrictions on either parentís time shall be considered by the parents in arranging their time with their child."


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