Here is my summary of my situation. I really need some input ASAP. My husband and I separated 3/05. Our bankruptcy case went to court 7/05. All credit card debt was supposedly discharged; the mortgage company took possession of house. We split up our personal effects when we separated. RV lot was filed as an exemption with a homesteaders form because he has been living on it. Travel trailer (his house) and vehicle were used as collateral for my daughters car loan and was exempt in the case. The bankruptcy case is STILL open pending the sale of another pickup. RV property, travel trailer, and vehicle which are all J.T.W.R.O.S. are paid for. My daughter paid off her car loan freeing up the titles to the trailer and vehicle he has in his possession. He called me Friday the 11th requesting I sign off on the titles so he can sell the trailer and vehicle. But, we were told by the bankruptcy attorney that we could not sell, trade or give away and any property for 12 months after the close of the bankruptcy. He does not care and intends on doing it anyway because he says he recently (67 yrs old) was diagnosed with colon cancer and only has up to 2 year left to live and doesn't care what happens. He insists that it's in my best interest to sign and file ASAP. He says he will not contest, he keeps the trailer and vehicle and I will keep the property. My concern is his intent to sell the trailer and vehicle before the closing of the bankruptcy. I have the divorce papers almost completed. He agreed to sign them in advance before he leaves the state.

a) Would signing over the property be a division of property that is still held liable under the bankruptcy?
b) What could happen if I do sign off on the titles releasing my interest and he sells them?
c) Can bankruptcy court demand any money from me?
d) What could happen if he dies or disappears?
e) Is there any special wording can I use in the divorce papers to protect myself?
f) If so what should I add to the papers?
g) If you were me, what would you do?

Thanks for you opinion!
Iva Giffin