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#13464 - 05/26/05 06:14 PM Non-Custodial Parents UNITE!!!!
Shawn Offline
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Listen Ladies and Gentlemen,
I know that I am not the only non-custodial parent being made to pay 100% child support because the custodial parent isn't or doesn't want to work!

Let's unite and get the laws changed!

What I found out you need to do any type of reform
for the Child Support Guidelines is it must be done through the Supreme Court. Now the following link is a letter I am about to send to the state court administrator.


We should all send similar letters!!!!!

If you would like to start a organization for us non-custodial parents let me know!!!!
I have come up with a few ideas for a name and website space which I will purchase the URL and run.

Until then we can use this forum to discuss an organization name and meeting time and places.


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#13465 - 06/02/05 06:06 AM Re: Non-Custodial Parents UNITE!!!! [Re: Shawn]
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Wow I didnt know that - so that is why my support was like 900.00 and growing - wow - while he was getting his BA in Computer technology


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