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#137123 - 08/22/06 09:54 PM A good calculator
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I am working through a disolusionment with my husband and proposed the high end of child support which for us is 1,600. Now I can't find the calculator I pulled that up on. I have been to many sites and only find ones that come out a hundred or more less. HELP!

#137124 - 08/22/06 10:55 PM Why notjust use the one from your STATE... [Re: htcg]
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...cause if HE finds a lower one, then HE can use THAT one. If their is a variance, they MIGHT average them.
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#137125 - 08/24/06 06:33 PM Re: Why notjust use the one from your STATE... [Re: gr8Dad]
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find the one from you STATE (see gr8dad...great minds think alike) and use it. B/C that is what the Judge will use! Then, as long as both are open and honest with income and all that, it should be cut and dry...
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