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#142133 - 09/08/06 03:12 PM Can I consider it done?
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A QDRO was agreed upon as part of very simple settlment. The divorce and settlement was finalized in 2005. In 2005, I only ever saw a 'draft' of the QDRO. I did my part to have it prepared with my ex-adulterer being the only one to financially benefit from it. My benefit was only to have piece-of-mind in knowing that its done so that I can move on without my ex-adulterer having any remaining ties to my life.

Many months past by without any word about whether or not it was being processed. Finally, in 2006, I received a quarterly 401-k statement that showed the amount appeared to have been deducted from my account. There was no explanation on the statement and I had not received any other communications about it. My account was just simply reduced.

In order to avoid additional attorney fees, I requested a letter from the 401-k plan administrator to at least have some documentation on hand that the reduction was the QDRO. I did receive a simple letter from the admin making a simple statement, i.e. "it was a QDRO paid to firstname lastname". They spelled her firstname incorrectly on that letter.

That's all I have. That was the final obligation in the settlement. Can I simply just forget this thing now, request my remaining retainer funds from my attorney, and move on in peace? Do I need to spend any more dollars or time to get any additional documention for the QDRO? It seems to be all done. Is it? Forever?

Any advice on this would be appreciated.


#142134 - 09/08/06 07:47 PM Re: Can I consider it done? [Re: xyz]
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I would write a letter to the plan administrator, stating that the qdro has been satisfied, and there are to be no further pay-outs without your written, notarized permission.
But even that seems unnecessary. I am surprised that they paid out without first notifying you - in case there was an error. I can understand your concern, when they just disappear your money without so much as an explanation.
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#142135 - 09/08/06 11:24 PM Re: Can I consider it done? [Re: Lucy44]
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I agree. My retirement plan sent me a full letter of explanation and also made it clear the ex had no further claim to my account and no survivor benefits, something her attorney tried to slip in for her.

#142136 - 10/23/06 04:53 PM Re: Can I consider it done? [Re: Curmudgeon]
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You might ask the plan administrator (or your employer - as an auditor of plans, I have seen copies of the QDRO in the employee's participant file) to send you a copy of what they based their distribution on.
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