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#143765 - 09/14/06 06:01 PM Re: Any help will be great! [Re: hippie1981]
nrvouswrk Offline

Registered: 04/13/06
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You can not believe the number of our clients who actually DO use that excuse for not naming the father...:) Works like a charm everytime!

#143766 - 09/14/06 09:36 PM Huh?? [Re: nrvouswrk]
CaymanCanuck Offline

Registered: 08/11/06
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Loc: Ontario, Canada
Ok, obviously I'm having some Senior Moments regarding this poster's situation. :)

The guy told you the baby wasn't his and he wanted nothing to do with you. Right so far?

Regardless of the above, you fear that he will demand a DNA test to determine paternity. If I'm right on this, WHY do you think he will want a paternity test on a kid he has already denied?

Sorry to be so thick, but I don't get the problem. Hasn't the guy already indicated he doesn't want to be involved?

On the flip side, if he DOES want to acknowledge the kid if it's his, what's so bad about getting some financial and emotional help? Is he a real pr1ck or something?
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#143767 - 09/15/06 01:49 AM Bad bad bad advice... [Re: hippie1981]
almostheaven Offline
Carpal \'Tunnel

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Because if they ever find out, or the father comes up later requesting DNA, the state might decide to make HER responsible for paying them back since she would have committed fraud.
Char Fox

#143768 - 09/15/06 02:15 AM Re: Any help will be great! [Re: hippie1981]
Rebecca5 Offline
Carpal \'Tunnel

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That wouldn't work around here. Our judge would make you parade in 30 men, if that's what it took to find the daddy.

Let's not forget that dad's are just as important in a child's life.

#143769 - 09/15/06 03:00 AM Re: Any help will be great! [Re: Rebecca5]
triple Offline

Registered: 09/14/06
Posts: 40
Not in my state they are not. They are strictly wallets.

#143770 - 09/15/06 03:11 AM Re: Any help will be great! [Re: triple]
Maury Offline
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When the child is born, the hospital will ask you to name the father. You can do so or decline. If you name a father, it creates a presumption of paternity which bestows no rights. If he is there and signs some form recognizing his paternity, it adjudicates his paternity.

None of that precludes him --or you--form filing an action to adjudicate paternity. In that action, blood testes may be requested. He may seek custody, parenting rights and you may seek lying in costs and ongoing medical costs. What happens in court depends on the circumstances. the unwritten law states that you are in the driver's seat for custody. He will receive parenting time of some sort regardless of what he said before hand, if he so desires.

#143771 - 09/15/06 05:00 AM Re: Any help will be great! [Re: Maury]
mtdew Offline

Registered: 07/09/06
Posts: 133
[quote] blood testes may be requested [/quote]

ROFL!!! I'm sorry but that was just too funny Maury.

#143772 - 09/15/06 09:09 PM Re: Any help will be great! [Re: shellyrenee_43]
LinusluvsSally Offline

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Loc: South Florida
[quote]I talked to some people and they said that the baby is MINE because we were never married. [/quote]

Hmmmm Wouldn't it still be yours if you were married? LOL

Your child is entitled to a father and if there is a man who believes he is that father then he is entitled at any time to come in and attempt to prove it. You will not have the right to deny a paternity test.

If you don't want the sperm donor who poked you to be involved with your baby then you should have never told him you were pregnant. Did he at least buy you a nice dinner first?

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