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#144005 - 09/13/06 05:46 PM A Nasty Cut-Throat Divorce ahead
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During 4 years of marriage, my husband has moved out and threatened Divorce more times than I can count. He just packs his bags and leaves. He leaves me with the responsibility of caring for our daughter, the up keep on our home, paying all the bills which I can't afford to do. He gives me child support but it barely covers what my daughter needs. The house is only in my name as well as the financed furniture and all the utilities. Now that I have actually filed for Divorce, he has decided that he wants Joint Physical custody of our 4 year old daughter so she will live with him half the time and he wants half of everything in the house. Let me say this: He has never been a caregiver to my daughter and he hasn't paid anything on the furniture. I don't feel like he should get anything because he up and left us in a desperate financial state and couldn't have cared less. He moved in with his mother and he hasn't a care in the world, mean while I am trying to fight foreclosure and keep a roof over my daughters head and the utitlities on. He says if I can't handle it, he could take our daughter because he can provide for her better. Well HELLO! I could too if he hadn't left me with 3 months bills past due and no money. I just don't think he should be entitled but I know in Georgia, Judges are leaning toward men more and more for custody and so on. I don't know how to fight this. My husband does have a history with Domestic violence but there hasn't been an incident in a very long time - almost a year. I wonder if I should bring that up in Court. I just want custody of my daughter and the things that I need to provide a stable home for her and he just cares about what he's getting out of all this.

WHat can I do?

#144006 - 04/26/08 10:59 PM Re: A Nasty Cut-Throat Divorce ahead [Re: CynB]
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You should check out our states legislature (laws) I am not 100% sure but most states will not allow joint custody if their is a history of Domestic Violence, but there needs to be actual proof, police reports and such.
Good luck
Della in Georgia


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