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#147482 - 09/25/06 12:36 AM Soon to be ex won't leave or help financially
Mothaof4 Offline
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My soon to be ex wont leave the apt. and has stopped assisting with the bills. We have 4 children and I want to know if I will have to wait until the divorce is completed to get financial help from him

#147483 - 09/25/06 03:56 AM Re: Soon to be ex won't leave or help financially [Re: Mothaof4]
Jsands200 Offline
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He may not be leaving the appartment because he knows that if he leaves with out a parenting plan/custody order, he will be in big trouble about custody later in court. Can you take money from a joint bank account or joint credit cards?
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#147484 - 09/25/06 03:43 PM Re: Soon to be ex won't leave or help financially [Re: Mothaof4]
Miranda Offline
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Is he is not leaving because he does not have to leave.
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