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#151427 - 10/05/06 01:41 AM Any advice when theres an addict in the equation?
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Man, my wife is loosing it.
she moved out(on some bad advice from her sponsor) a few months ago. that lasted a 1 1/2 months, i let her back in to let her concentrate on paying off her bills, told her if things work out then fine, but right now i can only be your friend because of the way she treated me when she left. things where good up untill last week when she exploded on me. she's telling her friends im abusive and treat her like crap, wich is totally a lie.
her daughter(15) told me last week she wants me to adopt her and take custody of her, of course whae i told my wife that, she says im lieing then ask her kid if this was true, of course the kid said no(doesnt want conflict).
im broke trying to pay a mortgage and have no money to file.
im afiad shes going to try to screw me financially.
shes an ex addict, but im not so sure how ex she is.
i dont think i would have any problem proving shes an unfit mother. could i get custody? and can i do this with just a parlaegal?

#151428 - 11/01/06 03:56 PM Re: Any advice when theres an addict in the equation? [Re: mikeshaw]
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The answer to your question is yes. Here is the deal have the paralegal write up the document stating your custody and parenting plan, then get to her when she is high and have her sign it. Then submit it and you are golden. Then for her to change custody she would have to prove you unfit.

Good Luck


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