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#156895 - 10/22/06 01:24 AM Can I go back and get part of ex husband's pension
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I was divorced in 1979. There was never a mention of pension in my divorce. My husband worked at olds. I was a stay at home mother and took care of farm while he worked out. My ex retired at 52. I'm now 62 and he is 64. I still work 40 hr's a week and cannot retire. I raised the 3 daughters with no help from him and was unable to save money for retirement. He even got our 16 year old insurance policy because I was told I was nothing but a benificiary. It was worth 0ver 13 thousand. I ended up with nothing hardly because I was ignorant. Now I know that they passed a law in 83 where women get part of husband's pension. I took him back to court and was again told no by same judge who lives in same small town as ex-husband. I feel really cheated. When I went to social security they told me I did not make enough money. I can draw 675. I cannot live on that. Help. I deserve something for slopping the hogs and working like a dog for almost 17 years on a farm. It was also my uncle's money that put the down payment on that farm. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif" alt="" />

#156896 - 10/22/06 01:14 PM Re: Can I go back and get part of ex husband's pension [Re: rosewater]
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I think it depends on the state you live in since it may be a part of the property. I have no idea about the 1983 law in general, but I would imagine there is alot of case law on the books. I would say find and attorney with a free consultation and ask the question. They are the experts and can give you much better guidance for the state you live in.

#156897 - 10/27/06 01:46 AM Re: Can I go back and get part of ex husband's pension [Re: rosewater]
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I don't understand why you can't get SS income, based in part, on your ex's contributions. Surely, that in itself would net you more than $675?
The other thing, is that you say you were divorced 26 years ago. How did you manage to support your 3 kids and yourself, with no help from the ex, without having a job? If you were working, (and it sounds like you must've been) since your youngest was in school, how is it that SS can pay you so little???
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#156898 - 10/27/06 07:24 PM Re: Can I go back and get part of ex husband's pension [Re: Lucy44]
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Yes I can draw 675 on my own. I just cannot live on that or I can draw 675 on his ss. To get the full amount earned I have to be 66 years of age. I lost 17 years of being married that I did not aquire points towards ss. So I need to keep working another 3 years. If I had to retire now I would loose my home as I would not be able to afford taxes or health insurance. My only hope of retiring before 66 is if he dies, then I would get at least 1200 a month. So that is where I'm at, if I retire before my full retirement age I'm penalized. I do feel cheated that this has happened and it is not just me, it has happened to thousands of women like me who stayed home and took care of their children and homes. My husband decided he wanted a man. I and the children got tossed aside. He is now married to a woman who took care of him after a bad motorcycle accident that put him in the hospital for 9 months. Needless to say the boyfriend left. We had only been divorced 3 days when that happened.

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