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#157646 - 10/23/06 09:17 PM venue change of transfer
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My kids live with thier Dad b/c I injuried my back and I am on SSI. I live in Pa and they did live in Ohio but their Dad moved them to Pa Sept of 05. I am still paying child support that goes through Ohio. I called to see if I could get it switched to Pa and was told that the Dad has to file for the transfer. I called the same place at a later time and was told that they didn't know why I was told that b/c it would make less paper work for them considering both parents live in the state of Pa now. I have never heard anything back from them and when I call I get the run around. A friend from Ohio told me to request a venue change of transfer? By the way the father moved to Pa without letting myself or the court know about it but I figured he was going to move by what the kids told me and I called the Mahoning county courts they didn't know. Nothing was done b/c I don't have the money for an Att. and legal aid says that they can't take my case b/c I live in different state. Could someone please tell me what I need to do if anything to get it switched to Pa if anything. Thanks

#157647 - 10/24/06 01:37 AM Re: venue change of transfer [Re: bel]
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Send a certified letter to the office telling them to switch the order to PA expaling the circumstances in detail
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#157648 - 10/24/06 01:42 AM Re: venue change of transfer [Re: PAFamilyLawNet]
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If the original case was in Ohio, you must file a Motion to change jurisdiction. Generally, that would be done in the Ohio courts. Sending a certified letter will serve no purpose if the original case was heard in Ohio. It is not a way to properly get an issue before the court.

Certainly, there is also an easy way, the parties court agree to change jurisdiction and venue to the new state.


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