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#157781 - 10/24/06 05:41 AM Trespassing in your own home
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Senario: Two people have signed and filed for a divorce in Arizona and the husband has moved out of the house while the wife still lives there until they can sell it, per the divorce agreement. They both are on the mortgage but only the wife is residing in the house while the husband has signed a lease and is living in his apartment.

Question: Is the husband legally aloud to come into the wifes home unannounced, whenever he wants? Does the woman have any privacy legally? Is it concidered trespassing or does the fact that they are both still on the mortgage allow free entrance by the husband?

I couldn't find the answer online and was hoping someone here knew the legal answer.

#157782 - 10/25/06 01:10 AM Re: Trespassing in your own home [Re: bubblehead]
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Kind of a sticky situation and without more information, no easy way to answer it.

Is the divorce pending or final? What is husband's excuse for coming in unannounced? Has wife spoken to him?
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#157783 - 02/26/10 03:23 PM Re: Trespassing in your own home [Re: bubblehead]
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He gave up the right to come and go in the house when he moved out. Yes it is trespassing


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