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#16608 - 06/16/05 09:29 PM the legal process
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is it standard format to have to g <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />o for psychological testing
(parents) and counseling( for the children) Whats this mean?

#16609 - 06/17/05 12:54 AM Re: the legal process [Re: ginagina]
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#16610 - 06/17/05 01:18 AM Re: the legal process [Re: ginagina]
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A tip for future posts....put them in the forums with lots of posts....they see the most traffic.

Yes, psych testing is very common in some places and can be used for a variety of reasons....bonding study, home study, competence findings, stability questions, etc.

If you have to go through one, just be as honest as possible. Nervous is's fairly uncomfortable to feel like you're "on display." Psychiatrists are more worried by people who are's not what's expected. Also, it's okay to ask questions.

If you do have to go through a study, you should be able to find some background on the professional appointed to your case by doing a provider search.

#16611 - 06/21/05 07:40 PM Re: the legal process [Re: Rebecca5]
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thanks for your quick reply. i just found out that there are 2 written tests( answers and tf ) and they are to be scored. Has anyone had experience with these? He has to take them too. It feels so cold, competitive and unfair.

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#16612 - 07/14/05 08:22 PM Re: the legal process [Re: ginagina]
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Most divorces where custody is an issue feel cold, competitive, and way UNFAIR--unfortunately, them's the breaks. It seems a little ludicrous to sit in front of a stranger for a couple of hours in an attempt to rehash and reconcile each persons view. But such is our great nation's way--just do the best you can, and be honest. Nobody is a perfect parent, so relax. And I am 100% in support of the kids getting counseling. Good luck--keep us posted:)


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