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#166683 - 11/20/06 03:49 AM Travel
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Ok, I was divorced over a year ago. I dont have the exact court order in my hands and have to go get a new copy to see what it exactly what it says. But I do have a question. Ex lives in CA and I live in AZ. Short version is we were moving to AZ and I came ahead of him to find a job and save money. 1 week before move in on new apt he wants divorce and stays in CA. Ok, divorced in AZ as that is where I had been living for over 6 mos and DD was in school and all that. Ok, my ex on the original CO stated he would visit once a month to take place locally here in AZ. March this year we went to court and changed everything except holiday schedule. This is his year for xmas. Ok fine. No probs. He keeps demanding that I do this or that to help him. Sometimes yes ok I will but I am tired of his demands and lack of respect and so on. So I told him stick to the court order. So 5pm xmas eve is his scheduled time until either the 27th or 28th. Problem is he wants me to suddenly pay for his travel expenses or meet him which is impossible for me to do. I dont believe the orginal court order says antyhing other than father has he from 5pm xmas eve to 5pm 27th (28th). If it does not say who pays the travel expenses then who should be paying them? Does AZ state law state who generally will pay? All other times at orginal court order he was paying everything. NEver once was I paying a dime because it was his decision and I didnt offer. In March we changed the summer and spring break to where I meet him in Yuma. BUt XMAS and THanksgiving were left unchanged. Who pays?


#166684 - 11/23/06 06:05 PM Re: Travel [Re: luvable0110]
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If the Divorce Decree states that he is responsible for transportation and it was NOT changed in the modification, then he is STILL responsible.
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