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#168183 - 11/27/06 07:19 AM How much alimony to a non-working ex ?
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I've had a restraining order on my alcoholic wife since April. We have two boys, aged 6 and 4, and I have full custody. She has supervised visitation once a week.

She cannot stay sober no matter what, so I need to decide whether to file for divorce and move on with our lives. One of my concerns is alimony. Married for 8 and 1/2 years, I'm 42 and she's 37. She worked 5 of the 8 years as an admin and made $28K, although has not worked in 2006. I'm a business owner making $115K annually. We have about $20K in debt and total assets amount to $80K, all home equity, we have no retirement or savings. I'm sure to get full custody because of her addiction and legal issues, so I assume child support will offset some of the alimony obligation, but I've no idea of even a range I might pay and for how long. If it's more than $1,000/month then I'll have to sell my house (mortgage is $2,600/month). Does anyone know a likely alimony $$ range and duration I'm facing?

#168184 - 04/17/07 06:13 PM Re: How much alimony to a non-working ex ? [Re: Oregon_Dad_Solo]
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Oregon is one of the only states the will award LIFETIME alimony. The state would rather have you pay for a deadbeat then them...

Do you think she will go back to work voluntarily ?
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#168185 - 04/24/07 05:31 PM Re: How much alimony to a non-working ex ? [Re: yregna]
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Oregon is one of the only states the will award LIFETIME alimony.

---> Yes, if you're been married for more than thirty years AND the circumstances warrant it.
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