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#16930 - 06/19/05 09:33 PM Husbands dishonest
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This might be a little long! I left my husband in January and took my daughter to Texas so I could be near my family. You see, he has a problem with lying and not coming home. He filed for divorce and I came back to Colorado because I thought we were going to work things out. We still had a status conference to attend and while there he said he was willing to get counseling and fix the marriage. He lied. Immediatley he started his game of not coming home, going to bars till 2 a.m. He even told me his son got bashed in the ead with a baseball bat and he was at the hospital all night. He was actually out drinking with a younger brother. The 2nd status conference rolled around and I couldn't participate because I had started a new job. He told me he told his lawyer that all was fine and to drop the case. Two weeks later I get another letter fron his lawyer stating we have a 2nd status conference. I almost forgot the most important part...our daughter is only 8 months old. So husband is gone all the time. He doesn't come home to hang out with his alcoholic father or brothers. He doesn't call or show up. When we get in a fight he disappears. His daughter barely see's him. Today I got another notice from his lawyer. Seems that during one of our fights he called up his lawyer and told him he just wanted the divorce. Now we have a hearing to set. All this time he was telling me that he stopped the divorce and all is well and we'll get counseling to save the marriage when he's really talking crap about me to everyone and telling them he's divorcing me. He won't move out, he doesn't spend more than 4 hours a week with his daughter and he thinks he's goingt to get her every other week when the divorce is final. What can I do to prove to the court what a lousy, selfish Dad he is? If the courts care about the best interest of the child the how could they allow a man like this to have even unsupervised visitation with a baby girl! Please help!!!!! I have no family out here and need some guidance! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

#16931 - 06/22/05 05:15 PM Re: Husbands dishonest [Re: lacey81080]
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if you don't have a lawyer already...get one...I'd see about putting up servailance cameras around the house that tape, that way you have proof of his commings and goings. Also I would audio tape any phone conversations with him so you have proof of his lies.

I'm not sure about the laws where you are, but here in Iowa, as long as one party is aware of the servailance, it is admissable in court, but even if it isn't admissable where you are, the "evidence" will be great leverage when it comes to custody and proving his irresponsability in the care of your children.

I hope this helps, and good luck to you.
Amanda B.
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