Divorce is a horrible thing. Two people that once loved each other very much, enough to get married, in this case have two kids, suddenly fighting. And then Daddy is moving out.

My parents divorced when I was seven years old. My little Brother was two.
Irreconcilable differences. Couldn't agree on anything, not even me.
I love my Dad, and my Step-Mom, my Mom, and her long-time boyfriend. Who is basically my step-dad. I have a half brother. I got one step brother my age, and one that is currently in his twenties.

I am happy with my life. I have two loving families, each with it's special charms, both that I love. But sometimes it just doesn't seem worth it. Even when I look at the picture of my little half-brother in my wallet, sometimes I just wish my family was like everyone elses. All together.

Yes, I know more and more of the population is getting divorced these days.
But when it happens to you, and your a kid. And all of a sudden you realize that your Dad moved into a crummy apartment because your Mom kicked him out....
you feel all alone.

I had the chance to either go to my Dad's, or stay at my Mother's house and stay the night at my friend's and go to the mall. I love my Dad. I see him every other weekened. Sometimes more.
Any time, I choose him, over anything.
But I need friends. I need to hang out, and have fun, and be a 'kid.'

It makes me feel so guilty. And now I don't even know if I'm going to be able to go, so I feel like a blew off my Dad for nothing.
No one except someone who is going through the same thing can know how it feels when you think and believe with your whole mind that your disappointed your Father and he's sad your not with him and wishing that you had the sense to pick him over your friends.

I cried, after I hung up the phone first with my friend.
Her Mom won't tell her until tomorrow what her decision on the matter is.
Tomorrow, the only day my Dad can pick me up. So there's no chance of calling him back now with a cheery voice saying 'Hey! Guess what? I want you to come and pick me up tomorrow!!'

If you have a child who doesn't live full time with you, I encourage you so much to tell them that kids need friends. And you won't mind if they want to spend time with them every once and a while. Your a parent. It's your job to understand.

Don't make them feel guilty. Don't even pretend to be sad, or 'joke around.'
I don't think it's funny.
Neither will your kid.

You need to talk to your kids, tell them that you love them every chance that you get. If they ask, 'Sure! Go and hang out with your friends! I'll call you later this week, maybe we can go out and get something to eat on Thursday?'

I love my Dad.
And I'm pretty sure he loves me more. But he doesn't know the amount I love him. And he'll never be really sure. Because it has no limits.
He's my Dad. You love your Dad, all of you do. Because he's your Dad.
But how many of you LIKE your Dad? Out of your own choice and mind?
I do. And thats exactly what he said. Well, not Thursday. Sometimes later this week. But I still feel guilty. Because he's my Dad. And he needs to know, I choose him.
Every time.