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#171475 - 12/07/06 11:56 AM Question regarding adultery and child custody
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A good friend of mine revealed to me yesterday that she wants to leave her husband for another man who lives in Texas. They have three kids ranging in age from 11-4 years old. She knows this affair is wrong and she doesn't want to lose her children.

I know that Oregon is a no-fault divorce state (which suck imo) so adultery would not be an issue for granting the divorce. But I want to know where she stand in terms of getting the kids.

She is a stay at home mom but his job is flexible so he is around often. He is a good, decent man who clearly loves his children and treats them well. She is a good mom who is caught up in the moment because she is bored. Long story. Bad decisions here. No questions so please no sermons about her behavior.

The man in TX however is not a good man. He uses alcohol and cocaine and she knows this. She wants to leave her husband for him.

Will this be a factor in custody? I am so hoping the answer is yes. I want her to be scared that she will lose her kids but I don't want to lie to her.

Thanks in advance.

#171476 - 12/10/06 08:54 PM Re: Question regarding adultery and child custody [Re: Moira]
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The courts will NOT allow her to relocate the children.
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#171477 - 07/26/07 09:39 PM Re: Question regarding adultery and child custody [Re: Moira]
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Oregon divorce law is extraordinarily lenient toward women who want to do something rotten to their kids and their own lives, so she can get away with it if she simply picks up and leaves the state.

She could still file for CS and get it easily without visiting the court system. Unless the husband fights it...
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