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#171795 - 12/08/06 05:40 PM Questions Pensions Value.. help pls : )
SarahS Offline
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My husband has been @ Dow Chem for 27 yrs. $70K/yr. It has been reported that his pension is worth $65K, I question this. I can pay $1000 to have this investigated, or should I just accept that figure.. any opinions pls.. thx

#171796 - 12/10/06 05:23 AM Re: Questions Pensions Value.. help pls : ) [Re: SarahS]
jaiye Offline
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Why would you need to pay money to anyone but your lawyer? All he has to do is send paperwork to your husbands employer to get those figures.

#171797 - 12/11/06 01:35 AM Re: Questions Pensions Value.. help pls : ) [Re: jaiye]
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jaiye, His atty got the info from his my husband's employer, however, I am questioning the amount. This is on letterhead from Dow Chemical. I guess I just don't trust anyone anymore. I just feel the value should be much larger. Should I believe what came from his employer? Should I have my atty question his employer again? Thanks for your/ everyone's input on this...

#171798 - 12/20/06 01:50 PM Re: Questions Pensions Value.. help pls : ) [Re: SarahS]
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You only have one opportunity to get this right because once the divorce is finalized you really can't go back if you then figure out it was different. But it's a gamble. My attorney told me that this type of disclosure is a crap shoot. Normally you pay a lot and don't get anything out of it. But the peace of mind might be worth it for you.

In my case, during our marriage, my ex had been telling me the value of a farm we owned was a certain amount. At the time we were getting divorced he listed it for about 1/2 as much (it was his say so, no appraisal). So it cost me $350 to have it appraised and it came in very close to what he had said in the divorce papers. I did not feel it was a waste of my money, because at least I had peace of mind that what I was settling for was correct.


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