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#176259 - 12/27/06 02:52 PM Abandon property/Separation agreement
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After a yr of hell, giving husband several chances, I rented an apt. I signed our vacation home over (agreement we typed up & had notarized). He hounded me for months & wouldnt go back to work until I signed the vacation property over. After signing he admitted to me that he was keeping our bipolar child @ odds w/me, so he could keep her closer to him, he also introduced child to other woman & had her keep it a secret for 6 mos. That was the clincher for me: that he do anything to get what he wanted & saw me as the enemy. So I have rented an apt. But I havent stayed there yet. He wants me to sign an agreement. It says that we'll share joint custody of our child, ,I dont give up my rights to property or marital assets during separation, and that neither party will seek spousal or custody support for a period up to 6 mos from signing of agreement. It doesnt say I can come & go as I please, but he says I can, as we have dogs that require daily meds & maintenance.
At this point, if he could get his crap together & stop all the head games & manipulation, I would give up the apt. The other thing is I need some of the furniture from the vacation property, which he said he'd get, & I dont want to move into apt. until I have it. Part of me thinks whatever I leave w/now is all I'll get.
Okay the financial part-I still send $175 wk to vacation acct, which pays the mortgage. Only the funds I deposit pay for it. He has said he'll give this back to me. So far its $1,225 since I signed it over, I havenít seen a dime. I didnít take any of utilities out of my name at house, we also have a joint bank acct, which I have barley used. If I am still providing funds to pay bills, is it considered desertion?
Will I give up my right to half of the house? The other thing is he's been borrowing ($10 K) from vacation equity line, depositing it into acct here & paying bills. This is bc he stayed out of work for 5.5 months & was rcving 60% pay. He is working again. He says if I dont sign off on support for 6 months, he is quitting his job, selling house, moving to vacation home, will obtain $6 hr job & I'll owe him support. If he sells house-we wont have chance to reconcile, I wouldnt get anything, as the marital debt would be subtracted, equity is low, as we refinanced w/cash out a few months ago. So its like he has me between a rock & hard place. Thats a big part of prob. he is always giving these kinds of alternatives.. If I sign, he'll stay working, we can go to counseling & maybe reconcile, if I dont its over.
Thanks for your help.

#176260 - 12/29/06 01:08 AM Re: Abandon property/Separation agreement [Re: ruth87]
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I'm not sure what your question is?
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