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#178071 - 01/02/07 02:30 AM Pension - He Is LYING
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My soon to be ex-husband has been stalling on the actual divorce for over a year now. I asked him about the pension plan at his previous job and he told me before that they no longer had a pension plan. Then he told me that they only give a certain amount. Im not sure, but I believe he has him Mom now on some of our financial things. Can he do this and will my lawyer be able to see any financial transactions within that last year? I plan on seeing my lawyer next week, but any advice would be appreciated. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

#178072 - 01/02/07 03:36 PM Re: Pension - He Is LYING [Re: tdkkie]
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That is what the discovery process is designed to discover. You can request a release of information from that company or you can subpoena the records, or you can depose your spouse or you can do all of the above. Tell your lawyer your suspicions. Since it is through an employer, such records are easy to find.

#178073 - 01/04/07 11:22 PM Re: Pension - He Is LYING [Re: Maury]
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I would involve your attorney in getting the info. That is what I did and it was well worth it.

For one thing, I wanted the financial info on salary, pension, 401 etc. from my EX's employer and in writing... not just from his mouth. He could (and did) give a lower amount to all.

I also had written proof from his employer on beneficiaries an all accounts and life insurance policies.

I also paid to have an evaluation done of our pensions and that also proved to be more than worth the cost.

Good luck to you..
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