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#17812 - 06/23/05 10:10 PM what happens then?
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Ok. I'm going through what should be a really simple divorce turned complicated. My husband left 20 months ago, as soon as we found out I was pregnant. He hasn't seen his daughter since December, has paid no child support although it's been ordered through the court, and has no phone for me to contact him at. Finally, it seemed like we were at the end of this long dragged-out process, until today when my lawyer informed me that I had to deliver the final papers to him personally. I drove an hour to his house, and much to my dismay, he was not at home (I would have known that if I could have called first). A young woman answered the door (if I had to guess she would be the new girlfriend) and my lawyer told me I could leave the papers with her. We have court tomorrow morning, but the woman informed me that she didn't know if my STBX would be able to be in court because he just started a new job this week.

IT NEVER ENDS. He is getting a FREE divorce, while I support the kids and pay for all if it! I'm fed up with him being in control. I think this latest stunt is just another ploy to have things pushed back - yet another bill for me.

Tomorrow's court date is our final hearing. If he doesn't show up, what happens? I thought noone could force you to stay married to them?!?!?!

Any help or comments would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.

#17813 - 06/24/05 06:06 PM do i have to change my baby's name? [Re: my2kids]
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Posts: 5 divorce was finalized today. Finally. My EX-husband showed up for court, and after signing the papers in front of the judge, mentioned that he wants our daughter's name changed to his last name. At her birth, I gave her my family name, because I have a son with the same name, and mine is also the same...we are a family and we all have the same name now. The judge told my lawyer to write up the paperwork for it so we can go back in front of the judge to have it changed. But I don't want it. When I was pregnant, I spoke to lawyers who told me that I could name my daughter anything I wanted (a reminder - my husband had been gone since we found I was pregnant) I did. His name is listed on the birth certificate as the father, but I gave her my family name.

I live in I have to change my daughter's name? My lawyer runs me in the ground, does everything but call my stupid, and tells me that I had no right to name her what I did.

Any advice?

#17814 - 06/24/05 06:47 PM found this...hope it helps [Re: my2kids]
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#17815 - 07/01/05 02:16 PM Re: found this...hope it helps [Re: MaryWhoCares]
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If the Court orders it, you have to change her surname or add his. In a contested case for a name change, the Court bases that determination on what is best for the child.

Unfortunately, it sounds as if the matter was agreeed upon or contested and decided by your Judge already.


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