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#17816 - 06/23/05 10:46 PM PA Husband refuses to sign papers!!
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Here's the Facts:
Married in the state of PA
Married for 2 years (as of Aug 2005)
No kids, No property, Nothing is joint.

Iíve talked to 2 lawyers so far, Iím not sure if they are just out to make more money off of me or if they are telling me the truth; but they are saying that if he does not sign, Iíll be married forever. I was told that I could place an ad in a public paper and if he does not respond that I can call it abandonment, but then I heard that it does not apply to people who live or were married in the state of Pennsylvania. Does anyone know of anything else? Please advise.

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#17817 - 06/24/05 11:13 PM Re: PA Husband refuses to sign papers!! [Re: PhillyWife]
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In PA, if you are married living seperate and apart for 2 years, it is grounds for the divorce to be approved whether they consent or not.

File the papers that he refuses to sign to start your two years. If he contests, I have heard that in PA, they can order the parties to marriage counseling and if one party claims they do not want a divorce, that they will hold it 18 months.
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#17818 - 07/01/05 03:14 AM Re: PA Husband refuses to sign papers!! [Re: Moi]
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I was married in PA but live in Michigan now and my ex husband returned to PA upon seperation. Now I filed for my divorce in MI and had no problems. When I had left him once when we lived in PA they didn't give me any vibes that there would be a problem if I wanted to divorce him. I'm not sure if this helps you at all. Good Luck!


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