Today, half hour before his son was to get on the plane to come home, my husband got 2 calls from his son who said "I don't wanna come home." To which, hubby responded, "You need to get on the plane" each time. After the plane departed a 3rd call came, this time from the ex-wife, stating that the boy did NOT get on that plane with his sister. My husband does not and has not consented to giving this woman custody of their son nor to letting his son (17) stay in TX (where his so-called mother lives). The sherrif's dept. in her county has been notified and - since the boy is supposed to be going back to school on Jan. 9th, the high school in her town as well as his existing high school have been notified of what's going on here. She lives in TX, we live in CA and the court paperwork was generated in NH (we lived there when he won custody & we moved back to CA about 3 years ago now). So...what is the tragic reality of what will happen out of all this?? And what - if anything - can my husband do to fight it??