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#181445 - 01/12/07 03:26 PM Financial Windfall from premarriage settled
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My wife just received a extremely large settlement from a medical incident pre-marriage. She has strategically along with her attorney decided to receive small payments. I am also not on the account so I have no idea the amts. I am currently a stay at home dad due to her criminal activity getting her incarcerated 3 times since we've been married these past 2 yrs. and another time I didn't know about. In anycase, my question is am I entitled to some of her settlement as her husband. When I received a settlement from an accident she endulged herself in the benefit of family money. We have 2 kids one not mine and I have raised them both. She doesn't have the mother gene so she calls herself a career mom. She is from the Virgin Islands and I find that she and her family live like Gypsies. The are a social parasite that lie about everything and move from place to place like locusts until they've used up every resource in their siblings new family then they find a new place to cohabitate together and spread again like a virus. I purchased a house premarriage for the kids to have a place to come home to, but my wife's name isn't on the deed. I want to get this divorce, but I am broke now due to paying to keep her out of jail. Can I get some of her windfall?

Sorry for too much sobb!!

#181446 - 04/26/08 10:48 PM Re: Financial Windfall from premarriage settled [Re: luvlost]
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If you all are married now, I would say yes (not a lawyer though).

She sounds like a horrible influence on your children. I would get temp cust of them and ask for CS.

Good luck hun
Della in Georgia


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