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#19066 - 07/01/05 04:16 AM behind in support
bytchkitty Offline
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I was awarded sep.maint/support in May and the soon to be ex is already 3 weeks behind. How far in the arrears does he have to be before anything is said to him?It's not a matter of can't pay it's won't, as he's far behind on his child support as well. I realize that 3 weeks isn't much time wise, but it's the difference between being able to pay our bills and keeping a roof over my head. I live on a fixed income (disability) and helped put him thru school. Is there any guide lines on arrearages.

#19067 - 12/30/05 07:58 PM Re: behind in support [Re: bytchkitty]
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I dont know the laws as far as arrears in your state, but it is something to check into. Are they coming from him to you or thru the courts? If thru the courts I would check with them - in Michigan they issue bench warrents for the payeers who fall behind if amount of arrears reaches 500$. Warning letter is sent out at 350$. If the payment is to come to you thru the courts then they should be taking the amount right out of his paycheck. If its only been 3 wks since the ruling, you may need to give it more time. Sometimes it can take weeks from the ruling to the time you actually get your first payment.

#19068 - 07/19/06 02:47 PM Re: behind in support [Re: gunamakit]
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I was NY that 3 weeks was all it takes and at that point I could go to the Probation Intake Department at court and file for contempt.

But like I said I am not sure what you should could always sit back, when given enough rope maybe the other person will hang themselves? Or maybe you will get a check that will bring it up to date...wouldnt that be nice?

Mom of 2 Girls

#19069 - 09/01/08 06:39 PM Re: behind in support [Re: Mom2Girls]
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in the state of arkansas they have to behind atleast 6 months and owe 5,000 before enforcement will go after them. my ex owes 28,000.


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