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#19296 - 07/03/05 08:05 PM Help
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I have been divorced for about 2 years now. I have a daughter that is now turning 3 in August, she is with her mother in Arizona. I myself from Ireland and I visit my daughter 3 to 4 times a year. I pay child care and stuff. I have been keeping my side of the divorce agreement. But unlike my ex-wife she has been making my life a living hell. Over the last year I have been finding it extremely hard to keep in contact with my daughter. Half the time my ex-wife answers the phone and as soon as she hears my voice she puts the phone down. So I have just been off the phone to try and speak with our daughter and my ex-wife has bluntly said that she wont let me speak to our daughter, as she is sick of me in her life. I have now had it and have thought of walking away from all of this as I feel I am in a no win situation.

So what Im asking is there anything I can do as I am getting extremely frustrated. My ex-wife has broke her side of her divorce agreement bigtime, but she doesn't seem to care as I am a thousand miles away. Your help would be greatly appreciative.

Can you even believe it that she said if I plan on going to court she is going to leave the country and I wont ever get to see her. She is on anti depressants and all and extremely worried about our daughters well being.

Thanks for all your help in advance

#19297 - 07/04/05 01:53 PM Re: Help [Re: Herbie]
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Is she refusing visitation, then? Go to court to enforce any court-ordered visitation if she's interfering. How likely is it that she'll leave the country? Seems like a bluff. She may, however, leave the state. However, at least you'll know you tried everything you could to maintain contact with your child.

How does she receive CS? Usually the NCP sends it to a state agency, and that agency disburses funds to the CP. I would think the agency you send it to would have to maintain her current address...

I wish you well and applaud your efforts to 1) remain financially responsible and 2) emotionally involved in your child's life. You are one of the good guys and I am very sorry your ex is being such a cow.


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