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#193339 - 02/09/07 09:21 AM I not sure what to do?
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Well I am now married for a yr and a half now. My husband was previously married. He has 3 children. He and his ex-wife has joint custody of the kids. but she has primary care. He also pays child support. But for now going on about 8 months since last yr June. The kids have all been living with us. She did not give him any of the child support money, until just this Jan. and this month makes the second time shes given him the child support money. Is this OK? I don't think its OK, I think he should stop the child support but he's afraid that because over the past yr he has gotten raises and he's afraid she might make him pay back? Also I understand both parents are important in the kids lives. but since she doesn't have a place to live she's been just coming to our house and hanging out out side with the kids. Also when she comes to see the kids is it OK that she come anytime she wants and even to pick them up any time she wants. A lot of the time my husband and I don't know about it. I'm not sure if I'm just upset about nonsense and my husband in right or am I in the OK for feeling the way I do. Since then our marriage has taken a LARGE DROP!!!!!! He is blind to it, or he knows but is just trying to ignore the fact. But I can't I want this marriage to work but I can't help to get PISSED often!!!! Please let me know what you think

#193340 - 06/21/08 11:26 AM Re:[email protected] your girlfriend's, your boyfiend's [Re: Betty79]
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