I'm having some problems understanding whats happening in my case so I'm just going to throw out the timeline of things that have happened and maybe someone can explain it to me.
1996 - he and I got together while he was escaped from jail.. he went back for 3 months and when he got out I got pregnant.
1997 abuse started along with a continuation of his criminal acts which eventually led me to leave.
1998-2000 was separated for a time and he was charged with assaulting me and stupidly went back to him after he committed a major crime for which he's never been charged, to "pull his life together" for him
2000-2002 was separated for most of this time, while he admittedly stalked me, whatched me and harrassed me. Was also convicted of assault, and continued involvement in crime.
2002 reconciled, and I was repeatedly hospitalized for severe depression while the physical violence escalated.
2003 married and he was also charged with another assault, was again hospitalized and gave custody of my children to my mother so I could get better. I had no home and he kidnapped me, something I never reported out of fear.
2004 realised I needed to get out and got an emergency protection order.
2005 mother tried to give custody of kids back to me, in family court, and was prevented because he disputed it. At that time, the last contact he had with them was 8 months earlier when he attacked my mother in front of them.
I had moved to BC to get away from him and his friends, and family court, a docket court judge, ordered he have unsupervised access. The kids and I were in counselling in BC and a social worker there wrote a letter strongly advising assessment before unsupervised access took place. Docket court judge refused and gave it to him anyway then set trial.
Changed to Queens Bench and was given a new lawyer
recevied a order for shild support that listed me as the applicant and his lawyer as mine and said due to me not being there i was awarded 282 a month
New lawyer although very good doesn't seem to hear anything I say.
2006 he was finally arrested for last assault charged with and an 8 month court case continues.
I can't get anyone to hear that this man is dangerous, there are documents to prove it, but no one wants to see them.
I am having problems with the court releasing my address and because of a condition he had added to the restraining order, I am told it's not worth the paper it's written on
Is there anyone, anywhere I can take my documents to, who can tell me what I should be doing??
we just had discovery and I now have to provide all kinds of information that I believe will put me at risk.
I went back last time because I was scared of what would happen if I didn't... I can't do that again
there are obviously a ton of things I am skimming over but it's been over 2 years and I can't even get custody of my kids, he doesn't want it, he just won't let me have it