Ok I filed a protection order in July of 07 an divorce in Aug 07.I do have a lawyer for divorce as he will not touch protection order says it's a different case . Even though I have a lawyer I feel I am not getting right answers.1.So too be ex lives in another state, I would Like too know if I can move out of IN and not get in trouble. Yes children are involved ages 13 & 10 ,They are with me, they have supervised visitation with their dad. We have a final Court date this month on 22 but as my lawyer tells me we can not have it because no agreements have been made.No agreement has been made because ex tells me he will not sign anything until I drop protection order.I don't feel this is right.Then my lawyer tells me that in order too have a final court date too get it over with we need a Mediation which would cost me as well as him .. this is not fair either as he is the one that has been in contempt of court as her has not complied with the discovery 3 times and 4 time Judge ordering him too ..
My questions too that is what will happen to him ?
It seems like too me they are letting him slide and allowing him to do what he wants.
I just feel I am not getting the answers and help I need .
Shouldn't I be able too just go to the Judge and say look I have tried everything but as you can see he is not and still demanding and trying too be in control still.
He has even violated protection order by changing my passwords on email and I have proof it was him .. and they feel it is small and let him go on that .
I just feel Lost !!!!