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#19513 - 07/05/05 12:54 AM Question about Ohio law
muzicsinger Offline
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I've been trying to make sense of the Ohio Divorce laws and I'm a bit confused. For Legal Separation it states you have to be a resident of Ohio for 6 months & 90 days within the county. So which is it? We've been in the county for 90 days but not in the state for 6 months. How does that work?
Please help. I'm going through this now and need to know if the case is out of jurisdiction.

#19514 - 07/05/05 07:25 PM Re: Question about Ohio law [Re: muzicsinger]
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I would take it to mean both. If you haven't been a resident of the state of ohio for 6 months you can't file for divorce in the state of ohio. If you haven't been a resident of the county you live in for 90 days you can't file for divorce in that county until you have been. (You could live in the state all your life but not have been a resident of the particular county you're in for the 90 day period.)

Since you haven't been a Ohio resident for 6 months you can't file for divorce in the state of Ohio.

#19515 - 07/18/05 04:22 PM Re: Question about Ohio law [Re: Debi]
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I am in OHIO. This means that you are required to have lived in Ohio for 6 months, but only for 90 days in the county you file in. The other approx 3 months you could have lived anywhere in the state.

Guess that is what Debi said above, but wanted you to hear it from someone in Ohio and currently going through a divorce.
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