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#199261 - 02/26/07 12:56 PM TX - CS - Contempt - AG - How does it work?
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Background: DH's ex was court ordered to pay CS 10 months ago when they switched from 50/50 custody (him paying her CS) to full custody to him.

When the support order was made, my DH asked that it be set to reflet her making minimum wage in order to reduce her ability to argue it later. So it is a whopping $125 a month.

She has had numerous jobs in the past 10 months - all paying between $8-$12 an hour but she can't KEEP a job. And by the time we track it down, she is already fired so she is never with a job long enough for the CS order for it to come out of her pay to go through.

She has not paid one red cent since the order started 10 months ago.

My DH spoke to the AG's office the other day. They couldn't find her at first. Now that they have, they said they have sent two letters so far to her and that if they send 4 total with no payment, they will file contempt charges.

So my questions: Has anyone dealt with contempt charges filed by the AG? How does that work? Does the CP get informed of the hearing as well? And what sort of "consequence" can she expect for not paying a $125 a month order for 10 months?
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#199262 - 02/26/07 02:40 PM Re: TX - CS - Contempt - AG - How does it work? [Re: Moi]
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A slap on the wrist. Yes, she'll be served at her last known address. You'll go to court and the judge will likely tell her to make a payment by XX date and let her go on her way. Next contempt, he may require a payment on the spot to keep her from going to jail. Third contempt, he may revoke her driver's license or throw her in jail and she'd have to post bond, which goes to the CS. They have a lot of options. They just don't like to use them until they have an NCP that just thumbs their nose at them too many times.
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#199263 - 02/26/07 03:20 PM Re: TX - CS - Contempt - AG - How does it work? [Re: Moi]
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TX moves fast! In NM, CSE would have to verify her address which would take about 6 months before actually filing which would be another 6 months and by then she'd move again.
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