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#199713 - 02/27/07 07:45 PM Re: Who determines Child Support? [Re: time41]
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I'm not that much of an expert on Illinois stuff. I don't think they have a guideline for split custody. I think you have to get a lawyer to argue it. I think one person is always the primary parent in Illinois.


#199714 - 02/27/07 09:07 PM Re: Who determines Child Support? [Re: time41]
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Do you currently reside in your marital home? If not, who's looking after your child when the stbx is working?
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#199715 - 02/27/07 09:59 PM Your ex doesn't make those decisions... [Re: time41]
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The judge does. Your lawyer will request it. The judge will decide. If he tells her to pay, she'll pay or face the consequences...which don't always work, but oh well.
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#199716 - 02/28/07 06:21 AM Re: Who determines Child Support? [Re: time41]
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You could have joint custody and still be required to pay child support . The determining factor will be how much time you have with your child , if you were to have state minimum visitation ( EOW , split holidays , half summer ) expect to pay CS . If you were to be the custodial parent the STBX would be required to pay . Anything in between is up to the court . As Il . has mandatory mediation try to work up an agreeable parenting plan without resorting to the court deciding . In some cases due to a great income difference it is possible that the CP pay CS to the NCP .
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